In the world of logistics, flexibility is key. At Majestic, we pride ourselves on our ability to adapt to changing circumstances and ensure that our client’s needs are met, no matter how sudden the shift in plans.

Recently, we were presented with a challenge. A shipment initially planned as a “budgetary” move needed to be ready for shipping on short notice. The cargo? A big skid measuring 368”L x 226”W x 208″H and weighing a substantial 81,215 lbs.

With the clock ticking, our dedicated team collaborated closely with our carrier partner. The goal? To secure the necessary permits in record time because the cargo needed to get en route to its final destination: Mozambique. 

Thanks to our combined efforts and unwavering commitment to excellence, the skid was successfully shipped out this week.

While Majestic’s role was focused on the inland transport and permit arrangements, it’s a testament to our dedication and capability to handle intricate logistics challenges with precision.

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