In the logistics industry, time-sensitive requests can arise at any moment, even outside of regular business hours. It’s during these critical times that Majestic’s commitment to excellence and adaptability truly shines.

On a recent Sunday evening, at around 7 pm, our very own Jason Jr. received an urgent call. The task? To arrange transportation for two permit loads and two legal loads, all by noon the following day. That’s four trucks in total, with less than 24 hours’ notice, and over the weekend!

These weren’t just any loads. They were umbilical reels, essential equipment used in offshore Oil & Gas operations. Each reel weighed a significant 76,760 lbs and measured 223”x149”x156”. The trucks were to be stationed at the CI dock in Fourchon, LA by noon, ready to load these reels directly from a vessel. With clockwork precision, the cargo was then delivered to Houston the very next day.

This operation underscores Majestic’s dedication to our clients, ensuring that even the most urgent requests are met with efficiency, professionalism, and care.

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