In the diverse world of logistics, every shipment comes with its unique requirements and challenges. Recently, Majestic had the opportunity to demonstrate its proficiency in handling specialized cargo, specifically two saltwater skids.

These skids, each measuring 19′ 6″ in length, 7′ 7″ in width, and 6′ in height, had a combined weight of 10,424 lbs. Saltwater skids play a crucial role in the oil and gas industry, particularly in the management and disposal of produced water. Their transportation, therefore, requires a keen understanding of the equipment and the conditions in which they operate.

The destination for these skids was New Mexico, a state known for its significant contributions to the energy sector. Ensuring the safe and timely delivery of such equipment is paramount, given the critical role they play in operations.

At Majestic, we pride ourselves on our ability to handle specialized cargo with precision and care. Whether it’s saltwater skids or other equipment, our team has the knowledge and expertise to ensure it reaches its destination in optimal condition.

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