Managed Freight Services

Majestic Transportation’s approach and flexibility are what differentiates us in the market.

Our team works as an extension of your organization and can offer a host of services individually or as a packaged solution.


Majestic’s Crown Link platform, a transportation management system, is web based to allow access anywhere in the world. Book, track and run reports on the fly from any device with a web browser.


How much time is lost by auditing or approving invoices? Worse, how much money is lost if you aren’t doing it? On average, companies recover 3-5% of spend by outsourcing freight accounting. Beyond that, Majestic’s MFS team works to correct and resolve items that create repeated billing issues.


Unlike typical third party payment companies, we can build, maintain or improve a client’s credit. Majestic pays carriers within terms that can aid relationships with those carriers as a Shipper’s credit plays a role in rate negotiation, claim disputes, invoice disputes and allows for a better quality carrier pool. This translates into Majestic’s clients being extended longer terms than if working with the carrier directly. 


While Majestic values relationships, routing decisions should be made based on best business practices. Our services allow clients to create, maintain or improve their route guides along with monitoring the process compliance. Furthermore, Majestic can work with you to optimize your network of carriers!


As part of Majestic’s Signature Seal process, carriers are held to standards involving safety and insurance requirements. Monitoring of these requirements is automated and performed every 24 hours to help mitigate the risks caused by negligent hiring.

What Our Clients are Saying…

Don’t Ship Without The Seal!

Get checked. Get verified. Get the Signature Seal. Majestic Transportation is the only transportation and logistics company to provide The Signature Seal shipping process; ensuring the highest quality in carrier selection available today.