In the dynamic world of logistics, especially within the oil and gas industry, the transportation of heavy equipment requires a specialized approach. Majestic recently demonstrated this expertise by delivering a 55,000 lb top drive for a valued customer right within the bustling energy hub of Houston.

Local Expertise in Heavy Loads
The top drive, while within legal dimensional limits, carried a weight that called for a permit. Our team’s proficiency in navigating local regulations ensured a seamless process from start to finish. This local move from Houston to Houston may not have covered a great distance, but it demanded the same level of precision and attention to detail that Majestic applies to all its projects.

Commitment to Service
At Majestic, we understand that even the shortest journeys require meticulous planning and execution. Our commitment to service excellence means we treat every cargo with the utmost care, regardless of size or distance. This recent delivery is a testament to our ability to manage and execute heavy haul projects with efficiency and expertise.

For more information on how Majestic can assist with your heavy haul needs, please visit our News page or contact us at 281-869-8031.

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