Majestic’s latest logistical endeavor involved the careful transport of an Electrical Power Distribution Control (PDC) building, a vital component for energy distribution operations. The project showcased our team’s unwavering commitment to precision and safety under challenging conditions.

The Project
The task was to move an Electrical PDC building from Houston to Midland, Texas. The cargo specifics were as follows:

  • Dimensions: 56 feet long, 159 inches wide, and 168 inches high
  • Weight: 48,445 pounds

The operation consisted of two oversized loads and one legal load, requiring a total of three trucks.

The Execution
Despite the unpredictable weather, which posed potential delays and safety concerns, the Majestic team managed a seamless delivery. The success of this project was due to meticulous planning and effective communication among all parties involved—the client, the carrier, and Majestic’s logistics experts.

Majestic’s Expertise
Our approach to logistics is detail-oriented, ensuring that every aspect of the cargo’s journey is meticulously planned. We handle the complexities of permit acquisition and maintain open lines of communication with all stakeholders. This allows us to anticipate and respond effectively to any challenges, including adverse weather, prioritizing the cargo’s integrity and our client’s timeline.

For those needing specialized transport services emphasizing efficiency and safety, Majestic is prepared to deliver. Contact us at 281-869-8031 to discuss how we can support your logistics needs with our expert solutions.

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