Majestic was entrusted with the responsibility of moving Rack/Skid combos to support pipeline operations near the New Mexico/Texas border. This project was unique due to the sensitive and valuable nature of the electrical equipment involved.

The Cargo

The rack and base skid were significant both in terms of dimensions and weight.

  • Dimensions: 29’ long x 13’ wide x 13’ high
  • Weight: 14,000 lbs

The Challenge

Due to the valuable nature of the electrical equipment, extra care was required during transportation. The load was so substantial that it required two separate trucks to move it safely to its destination.

Majestic’s Role

Our team took all necessary precautions to ensure the safe and secure transport of this valuable cargo. From the moment it was loaded onto the trucks until it reached its destination, every detail was meticulously managed.


This project highlights Majestic’s capability to handle sensitive and valuable cargo with the utmost care and precision. We are proud to support critical pipeline operations and look forward to future collaborations in the oil and gas sector.

For more information, please contact us at 281-869-8031.

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