In the logistics industry, time is often of the essence. But what happens when you combine the need for speed with a heavy load? You get a challenging but rewarding project that puts your capabilities to the test.

The Challenge

We were recently tasked with arranging a same-day haul from Houston to a rig site in Marshall, TX. The cargo in question was a top drive weighing 55,000 lbs. While the dimensions of the cargo were within legal limits, the weight required us to secure a heavy permit.

The Solution

Our dedicated team at Majestic quickly coordinated with the carrier to secure the necessary permits. We ensured that the cargo was safely loaded and transported to its destination within the same day, meeting the client’s urgent requirements.

The Fun Part

To add a touch of levity to the serious business of logistics, our customer decided to enjoy a “Hawaii shirt day” during the pickup. It’s moments like these that make our work not just rewarding, but also enjoyable.

Why Choose Majestic?

At Majestic, we pride ourselves on our ability to handle complex logistics challenges. Our dedicated team ensures that your cargo, no matter how heavy or urgent, reaches its destination safely and on time.

Contact Majestic today for all your logistics needs.

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