Majestic Transportation recently undertook a complex logistics challenge for an offshore wind project on the East Coast. Our task: to arrange for four flatbed trucks to haul eight job containers from Rhode Island to Houston, Texas.

The operation required meticulous planning and execution, as the port facility provided a limited window to stage and load all four trucks. Thanks to the expert coordination led by Mark Stockwell, our team ensured flawless communication with the carriers, guaranteeing their timely arrival for loading.

Despite smooth loading for the first three trucks, we encountered an unexpected hurdle with the fourth. One container was too tall for legal transport. Demonstrating our commitment to problem-solving, our team swiftly negotiated with the carrier to secure a permit, ensuring the container’s safe and legal journey.

All trucks, loaded on a Friday in Rhode Island, reached our customer by the following Monday. This operation exemplifies Majestic’s ability to deliver safe, timely, and cost-effective solutions, even in the face of challenges.

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