A leading corporation in the upstream oil and gas industry contracted Majestic Transportation to handle the transport of 147 pieces of freight, largely consisting of 75’ long offshore rig risers. The proposed schedule was to begin in March with an estimated 12 day minimum timeline of completion. Majestic arranged for multiple stretch trailers to be put into a rotation to handle multiple loads daily.

After the start date was moved up several weeks, our client’s crane vendor advised that they would not have availability to handle any sooner than originally planned. Our client turned to Majestic for help. Majestic sourced two 70-ton cranes and a forklift to be onsite for the duration of the project to accommodate the February start date. It was determined that Majestic saved our client ~ $40,000 in crane costs alone for this project.

The project was completed ahead of schedule, under budget and without incidents.

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