In the logistics industry, in-bond moves are a specialized area that requires a high level of expertise and coordination. These moves involve transporting goods that are not cleared by customs and are moving under a bond, which is a guarantee that the goods will comply with all laws and regulations. The complexities of in-bond moves include strict timelines, intricate paperwork, and close coordination with customs authorities.

Recently, Majestic was entrusted with the responsibility of moving two trucks in-bond from the Port of Houston. These trucks, each weighing 56,218 pounds and standing just over 13 feet tall, were not allowed to be driven in the USA. Our team assisted in placing “FOR EXPORT ONLY” stickers on the trucks, ensuring compliance with customs regulations.

The trucks were first delivered to our client’s free trade zone, where additional work was performed before they were exported to India. Utilizing the proper equipment allowed for the trucks, which arrived on a RoRo (Roll-on/Roll-off) vessel, to be driven on and off for transport.

The success of this operation underscores Majestic’s capability to manage complex logistics challenges. Our team’s expertise in handling in-bond moves ensured that all customs requirements were met, paperwork was accurately completed, and the move was executed seamlessly.

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