Case Study: South Texas Solar Project
Project Duration: February-March 2021 
Commodity: Solar Panels 
Equipment Used: Dry Van 
Load Count: 123

Introduction: Majestic was entrusted with the transportation management of a solar farm installation project in South Texas for one of our clients. Despite facing multiple challenges, we successfully completed the project on time, within budget, and without any incidents.

Project Overview: The project involved the transportation of solar panels for the installation of a solar farm. However, the project timeline was extended due to delays at the receiving site and unexpected freezing weather conditions experienced in the region during February. Our dedicated team worked diligently to navigate these challenges and ensure the project stayed on track.

Addressing Carrier Shortage: One of the main challenges encountered was a lack of available carriers for the designated transportation lane. Our team sourced equipment from 87 carriers throughout the project to overcome this hurdle. We thoroughly vetted each carrier and continuously monitored safety scores and insurance coverage every 24 hours. Despite the market conditions that saw rates increase by 11.6% during this period, our strong relationships with carriers allowed us to maintain the initially offered pricing to the customer.

Results and Achievements: Thanks to our proactive approach and effective management, the South Texas Solar Project was successfully completed. The project was delivered on time, meeting the revised deadline, and within the specified budget. We are proud to report that the entire project was executed without any incidents or disruptions.

Lessons Learned: The South Texas Solar Project provided valuable insights and lessons that will benefit future endeavors. We learned the importance of adaptability in the face of unexpected challenges and the significance of maintaining strong relationships with a diverse network of carriers.

Conclusion: Majestic’s transportation expertise and dedication ensured the seamless execution of the South Texas Solar Project. By overcoming various obstacles, including delays and carrier shortages, we demonstrated our commitment to delivering exceptional service and achieving successful outcomes for our clients.

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