At Majestic, we recently faced an unforeseen challenge that tested our adaptability and resourcefulness. Tasked with transporting a 9’ tall, 15.5’ long electrical control panel, along with motors, cables, and miscellaneous components, we initially scheduled a conestoga trailer for its side load/unload capability and to keep the items dry.

However, upon the truck’s arrival for loading in Houston, TX, it was discovered that the actual height of the cargo was 106” – too large for the conestoga cover. With the delivery deadline looming for the following Monday in Fort Lupton, CO, our team needed to act fast.

Demonstrating our commitment to meeting client needs, we quickly arranged for a stepdeck carrier equipped with an extensive collection of tarps. The carrier confidently assured us that the load could be fully covered and protected.

This incident highlights Majestic’s ability to swiftly respond to changes and provide effective solutions, ensuring safe and timely delivery, no matter the circumstances.

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