Our client chartered a vessel to Australia and the chartering team overseas did not leave much time for the client’s North American logistics team to react.  As a result, Majestic was given 12 hours of notice to assist in moving 60 tanks from Silsbee, TX to the port of Houston within 48 hours to make the vessel cutoff. The Majestic team utilized seven carriers to put a total of up to 40 pieces of equipment at one time into rotation.

Along with arranging the transportation, Majestic acted as a project manager with tracking the inventory of serialized tanks and coordinating with the supplier at the shipping location for loading times. The client was updated multiple times per day and often outside of normal business hours.

All loads were delivered before the vessel cutoff without incident.

“After being advised by one vendor that mobilizing 60 tanks to the Port of Houston…

in less than 48 hours was impossible, we called on the Majestic team to pull off a miracle and they executed flawlessly. The overall coordination and communication from Majestic throughout the delivery process was exceptional leading to an outstanding customer experience. We avoided the significant cost of potential dwell time at the port for the chartered vessel and were able to satisfy the operations required delivery date in Australia. A well-deserved thank you goes to the entire team at Majestic for helping us overcome this obstacle.”
Ryan B.

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