We successfully transported this oversize oil and gas cargo, including four umbilical reels and reelers, one HPU, and two chemical injection units from Gray, Louisiana, to their final destination.

With about 17 ft long and 14ft in diameter, the reels weighed approximately 55,000 lbs each and required width, height, weight permits, and escorts.

Width and height permits were needed for the chemical injection units at 16ft long x 12ft wide x 13ft high.

Despite facing unforeseen challenges with bad weather and a malfunctioning customer crane, our team was able to adapt and quickly find solutions to ensure timely delivery. On short notice, we were able to swap out trucks as needed with availability and complete the delivery.

At Majestic, we pride ourselves on providing customized and reliable transportation solutions to meet all of our client’s needs, no matter the size or complexity of the shipment.

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